Traffic Management


Oaks Civil Construction holds extensive capacity to plan and execute traffic management services across the Perth Metropolitan and Geraldton Midwest Gascoyne region.

Oaks Civil Construction currently delivers traffic management services out of two depot locations: Perth and Geraldton. Each depot location is well equipped with the required equipment and resources to deliver reactive, reliable, quality, and safe traffic management services to our customers.

Oaks Civil Construction services short term works, long term project works, including away work in regional areas, and emergency call out works. Our experience includes but is not limited to the following.

  • Minor and major arterial road servicing:
  • Metro and regional - major highways and freeways.
  • Technical solutions - contra flows, chicanes, modified traffic lights, speed limit changes, merge tappers and reversable flow to name a few.
  • Traffic supervision for residential and commercial infrastructure installation and maintenance - housing estates, streets commercial parks, pedestrian management, and vehicle traffic.
  • Peak hour traffic support, school, and public transport zones.
  • Emergency services support - burst water pipes, flood way damage,
  • Bridge stabilisation, vehicle, and road train break downs.
  • Over-size vehicle travel – all areas residential and commercial, including ports, rail, and industrial sites.