Workforce Diversity


Oaks Civil Construction is proud to lead by example for other employers in driving diversity standards in the workplace. As a 100% Aboriginal owned and operated business, diversity is at the forefront of our operations. At Oaks, a large percentage of our staff are from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage and cultural backgrounds from all over Australia.

Multiculturalism does not stop at our Aboriginal workforce but expands to many other nationalities and cultural back grounds in which our staff originate. We believe, the diversity across our teams has enabled Oaks to build a workforce that is accepting, respectful and positive toward all aspects of teamwork through a sharing of backgrounds.

Our crew’s come together in differences, share their histories and passions to make great work happen at Oaks Civil Construction. Oaks is committed to the principles of equity and diversity and to ensuring our workforce is a representative of the broader Australian community. Diverse workforces also make good business sense. The Oaks Aboriginal Employment Strategy covers three main areas of focus:

  1. Attraction and Recruitment
  2. Retention and Career Development
  3. Workplace Environment and Engagement

Oaks is committed to meaningful equity and diversity in the workplace, and to establishing and maintaining a workplace culture and environment which embraces the value of Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal employees, their skills, and contributions.

Oaks strives to achieve a continued increase of Aboriginal employment outcomes and recognise that continual engagement and commitment from all staff is needed to see long term success. This engagement and commitment are paramount to ensuring that the Oaks workplace culture and environment is one that embraces the strength and experience of all its employees.